Information about the OD-Base-FM

Pictures and features of the in-house football manager.

OD-Base-FM (provisional name) is the in-house football manager of OD-Base. This will be available for testing at the end of 2018. Unlike other online FM’s, this one will be a largely text-based single-player football manager.

Main focus of the game is less on the tasks of the coach than the team manager / sports director. So you care more about the squad-design and club management than about training and tactics. For this you are looking for appropriate trainers that fit your ideas and fit your team / game philosophy. About the trainer market you can look for different options, whether the trainer likes to play with young players, on wing play sets whether he likes to rotate, on performance with solid Top-Eleven sets preference or certain lineup you can determine yourself.
You can determine how often players are allowed to play, whether regular players, rotation players or a young talent, who is allowed to come and play occasionally in the starting eleven. Of course, this should be compatible with the player contract, otherwise Mr. X is looking for a new club if the promised mission times are not met! In contrast to other manager games players want to get away when they only get a few bets and no longer have a golfer status. If more time is required then you can borrow. Of course, before you look around for which team he has a shot at, you will only see teams where the player is a regular player. At the end of the loan, you can save your salary and you may return top-motivated and stronger.

Since you leave the starting grid to your coach, of course, he sets up his philosophy. However, you can intervene to a limited extent and order him to make a player compelling today or completely rotate in the next game. Too often you should not prescribe his work, however, otherwise decreases the relationship of trust and the motivation of the coach, which will then also affect the game results. Of course not for the better!
Apart from top league players, of course you do not know the characteristics of other players’ players. For this you can set scouts who will find more or less good players depending on their level, as well as scouting top talents granularly by position in later stages.
You will arrange test games, regulate stadium infrastructure, finances, hire staff and arrange training camps.
You can watch the games as an instant calculation or in classic text mode.

You can play in the top leagues of Europe consisting of min. 2 leagues. Depending on how the performance tests run, other nations will be added. Planned are the top 25 leagues in Europe, as well as 5 other non-European leagues.
Of course, you can also inform about all standings, scores, goalscorer, white west, top assistants, etc. of the other leagues in the game and possibly seek players to scout.

The manager will be available for free in the early-access.

Of course, the original data, which can be seen on the pictures, will not be available because of license-law, but i’ts better to test with these data.
Good scalability will also ensure that the data will be easy to edit.

Here you can see screenshots of the german version of the game


  1. Hallo aus Zwickau,
    ich verfolge nun schon seit einiger Zeit die Entwicklung und würde diese auch durch meine kleine Webseite und Community unterstützen.

    Viel Erfolg weiterhin…

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