Here you can find informations and original data of all football manager games available on market, which are not online multiplayer games.

Of course, we would also like to point out the development of our own OD Base Manager.

NameLetzte VersionKostenpflichtig
Bygfoot2012nein (kostenlos)
EA Fussballmanager2014 (mit FM-Zocker-File 2020)ja
Football Club Simulator – FCS2020ja
Football, Tactics & Glory2020ja
Fussballmanager Fun2004ja
Global Soccer Manager2019ja
Kicker Manager 20042004ja
KoFuMa2013nein (kostenlos)
Kurt – Der Fussballmanager '991999ja
Latte! Fußballmanager pur2009nein (kostenlos)
Sega Footballmanager2020ja
Torchance (Club Manager)2018ja
Football Director2019ja
New Star Manager2019ja
Soccer Manager2020nein (p2w)

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